by Romana Huber
Checkliste für Modeshooting

In the last months I have collected a lot of inspirations and can’t wait to take pictures again. Unlike a painter, we photographers can’t just pull out a white canvas and paint and start creating. We need a team, an appointment, a location and much more.

But since I was tingling under my fingers, I organized a spontaneous fashion shooting for this weekend. I turned the planning experience that I made during this shooting into a checklist for you. You can download it here for planning your own shooting:


Shooting Idea

For this shooting I came up with an urban look and feel. The shooting should therefore take place in Zurich and the styling should be a mix of casual and elegant. I would like to “go around the houses” with the model and capture spontaneous images. As a photographer, it is super important to perform in unknown situations. You can practice this especially well when you are spontaneously on the road with a model.

Mood board

On Pinterest I created a first mood board for the mood and some poses. This one I will take with me to the shooting on an iPad.

Hier geht’s zum Moodboard here


The shooting should take place in Zurich at locations that are as urban as possible. Therefore no “location scouting” was carried out in advance. Sometimes a location scouting before the shooting might make sense, because as a photographer you can focus on other parts of your job.


Hair & Make-up

For the hair and makeup styling I will be assisted by a friend who also supported me during the mini sessions.


The model for the shooting is also a friend of mine. With her I have already done some shootings, so I can communicate well with her. So I can concentrate on taking pictures in peace.

The checklist for fashion shootings will certainly help me to realize cool projects in the future. Finally, there is still the hope for “photo-technically” beautiful weather, which unfortunately no checklist can take over! In any case I will show you the results in the portfolio and on Instagram.

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